1) The first thing we’ll do when we arrive on site is assess the damage. Unlike the adage, a picture does not always paint a thousand words so we’ll always take the time to fully understand the damage that needs to be repaired so we can determine the best way to approach your car scratch repairs, mobile dent repairs or bumper bar repairs. This also gives us a chance to confirm our quote was accurate.
car scratch repair inspection
car dent removal
2) If there’s a dent that needs to be repaired the first objective is to get as much of the dent out as possible. Unlike some other repairers we don’t simply fill dents with kilograms of auto body filler. When we undertake mobile dent repairs, we’ll take time and use a variety of techniques to remove the dent so the minimum amount of filler possible will be used.
3) Once the dent is removed, or if a scratch repair is required we’ll use a high grade automotive body filler to get the panel back to the same shape it was originally. We then apply a coat of the primer/filler as this is a much finer product and enables us to end up with a completely smooth finish, without any defects.
car scratch repairs
sanding for a smooth finish
4) We then sand back the area to ensure it is completely smooth and flush with the original body work/paint. This is one of the most critical aspects of car scratch repairs and dent removal as it’s what will give the final look it’s original, showroom condition.
5) We make up the paint on site using the car’s colour code and our colour profile cards to determine the correct paint formula. With over 3,000 colour profile cards and our computerised colour matching system that covers all makes and models, so we’ll definitely get the colour right.
perfect colour match
Professional Car Spray Painting
6) Using the highest quality automotive spray painting equipment we then apply the colour to the smallest possible area that will not only cover the cars scratch or dent repairs, but most importantly, blend seamlessly with the existing paintwork. If the car has a 3 layer pearl then we will apply the second colour coat at this stage. read more about 3 layer pearl here.
7) After applying the colour coat, we apply a 2 pack clear coat that both locks in the colour and protects it, but also gives the paintwork that ‘new car’ shine. At this stage we use a blender (not the sort you make smoothies with) to ensure that the new paintwork blends seamlessly with the original paintwork.
finishing off cars scratch and dent repairs
the final step in car scratch or dent repairs
8) Finally we polish the entire area that has been repaired. Aside from the obvious outcome of polishing, this process also contributes to the blending of the new paintwork with the existing paint, making the car scratch repair or dent repair indistinguishable.
While we haven’t gone into detail about the masking up and protecting of the areas of your car that we don’t want to touch, we will definitely do that throughout the repair process. We’ll obviously treat your car with the respect it deserves. And of course, all our car scratch and dent repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your car!
car scratch repairs guaranteed for life