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Guaranteed Workmanship

Top Gun Scratch Repairs are so confident about the quality of our workmanship, we guarantee all our work for the life of your vehicle.

Our customers come first

In an industry with it's fair share rough personalities, Top Gun Scratch Repairs pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.

Convenience and simplicity

We come to your home or office at a time that suits you. So sit back and get on with your day while the team at Top Gun Scratch Repairs get your car back to showroom condition.

Melbourne's best prices

We know what the other guys charge and we also know that it's too much. Get a quote from us to see what you should really be paying.


Top Gun Scratch Repairs was born out of a need for a professional automotive panel beating and spray painting team to help Melburnians with their mobile car dent repair, car scratch repair and bumper repair needs at prices that accurately reflected the time and effort that is put into mobile car scratch and dent repairs.

Unfortunately insurance claims have, in our opinion, increased panel beating prices and we were sick of seeing every day mums and dads, guys and gals, being taken to the cleaners by panel shops that have grown fat on insurance premiums. For people looking for car scratch repair, car dent repair or bumper bar repairs we felt that there must be a solution and it didn’t need to include uncle Daryl bashing away at your precious car with a piece of 2 x 4 and a can of spray paint out in the back shed. Nor did we feel that everyday people should be treated with poor customer service and, quite frankly, have to deal with panel beaters that wouldn’t take the time or effort to explain to them in simple terms what can be done to help.

We saw that a change was needed and Top Gun Scratch Repairs was born out of a partnership between skilled technicians and highly experienced customer service professionals, who together today provide countless Melburnians with a new kind of mobile panel beating service. Top Gun Scratch Repairs are a mobile panel beating and spray painting service that offers the highest quality workmanship, competitive prices, the convenience of a mobile service and last, but definitely not least, an overall friendly and helpful experience. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, such as our computerised paint matching system, we are able to ensure we get the job done right, efficiently, and with the highest standard of quality.

And it’s not just mums and dads that are taking advantage of the quality of service and competitive prices offered by Top Gun Scratch Repairs, with several large businesses and car dealers getting us to assist with their corporate fleets and sales stock.

So regardless of whether you’re a stay at home mum or the manager of a fleet of a thousand vehicles, the team at Top Gun Scratch Repairs understands that the appearance of your car is important to you and it therefore deserves the kind of attention traditionally reserved for customers with fat wallets or shiny red sports cars. We know that it doesn’t matter if your car is a 2017 Tesla Model S or a 1973 Holden Torana, if it’s your baby then you’ll be delighted with the care and attention to detail it will receive from the whole team at Top Gun Scratch Repairs. And you don’t have to break the bank to get your car looking as good as new, with most repairs completed for less than the cost of your insurance excess. And by coming to you and completing the car scratch repairs, dent repairs or bumper bar repairs at your home or office, you’ll also have the convenience of having your car repaired in just a few hours, not only saving you time, but more importantly, allowing you continue with your busy life uninterrupted.

Top Gun Scratch Repairs have years of experience and specialise in the following services:

  • Car scratch repairs,
  • Mobile car dent repair, both large and small,
  • Bumper bar repairs,
  • Complete panel replacement,
  • Removing scuff marks,
  • Eliminating stone chips,
  • Repairing hail damage,
  • Cut & polish,
  • Painted alloy wheel repairs, and
  • Parts replacement, such as lights and mirrors.


So if you’ve been thinking about taking care of that annoying scratch, or nasty dent in your pride and joy, then wait no longer. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse and before you know it you’ll be picking your jaw off the ground while you marvel at how cheap it’s going to be to get Top Gun Scratch Repairs to come around and take care of it for you.

Simply complete our one minute quote request form and we’ll get back to you within just a few hours with a free, no obligation quote to take care of your car scratch repair, car dent repair or bumper bar repair needs.


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Here's a short video we've made that explains the Top Gun process and covers all the benefits of getting your car scratch repairs and mobile dent repairs taken care of by Top Gun Scratch Repairs

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